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Dear friends and customers,

I am residing and working in Brittany for almost fifteen years now, and doing so with great pleasure. The pace of life is much slower than in the city, and so is my internet (still no ADSL after 15 years!) At the moment there are about 23.000 described titles in stock, and thousands more are awaiting description. My stock of books is growing fast, and eventually I had to buy my neighbour's house to store the new books coming in.

Catalogues are issued once a year in the various fields of Natural History. Obviously I'm hoping to find you just that book that isn't for sale anywhere else!

The core of my book stock was gathered in the last 30 years and contains many rare and seldom offered items. I hope you will find something of interest on this website, otherwise I am in the position to search any book you find difficult to obtain. Please send me your want list or click here to indicate your particular field(s) of interest. 

I am always interested in buying books, journals or even whole libraries on all fields of science (zoology, botany, geology, medicine, archaeology, physics, etc.). Please offer me your duplicates.


With best (bibliophile) wishes,

Hermann Strack